Some Rarely Seen Fishes

Dear All,
Lately, we have begun to realise that some of our xbacks do come with some special scale formation or texture. Do see below pictures and see if you have indeed come across such fishes in the past?

But one thing is for sure - these fishes are growing well and thus, not sick in anyway. They are definitely not suffering from the scale rot or scale melting disease. In fact, all are eating well and thus are very healthy. If you have any comments on these fishes, we welcome your comments, do PM or email us to tell us what you think?

Thank you for viewing.

Mrs Goh

A 10 inch fish with special scales that has been placed in a black tank for about a 2 months. Slight shark mouth for this almost full pearlies fish.

The same fish as above. Picture was taken from a different angle so that you could judge it better.

Another 9 inch fish with Bullet head. Do see closely the scales near its belly area, is this considered cross belly, or is it something else?

The same fish as above. Maybe this picture has captured the unique scale formation better?

A spoon head 10 inch fish with the same special scales formation. Unique?

Similiar fish as the above. Again, this picture has captured the unique scales better?