42 Ruby® Chilli Red Export

Dear All,
This is certainly a rather busy month for exports. Just today, 9th September 2013, we would be exporting 42pcs of Ruby® Chilli Red arowanas to our overseas client. As the exported Reds are relatively smaller at 6-7 inches, each box could contain up to 6 fishes.

Our Ruby Red® (registered trademark) all have very sharp pointed scissors bite mouth, red lips and red barbels, mostly deep blue core and dark red finnages. They are also relatively more docile as compared to the Xbacks. It is no wonder Reds are very well received and popular in most Asian countries. Enjoy these new pictures.

For local Singapore retail of Ruby® Reds, do email or PM us for an appointment. However, stocks are very limited indeed. Thanks!
Mrs Goh

对于出口,这是个相当繁忙的月份。就在今天,2013年9月9日,我们将出口42尾红宝石辣椒红龙 (在新加坡, "红宝石红龙" 是我们的注册商标)于我们的海外客户. 因为红龙相对较小,在6-7英寸左右,每箱最多可以容纳6尾鱼.   我们的红龙都具有非常尖及合吻的嘴形,红唇和红触须,大多是深蓝色的底色和暗红色的后三鳍。他们也相对比过背更温顺 。这也难怪,红龙在大多数亚洲国家都非常受欢迎和流行! 。请享受这些新的图片.


Young Ruby® Chilli reds in the tank, pending export.

Some curious onlookers staring at us!

A side profile has confirmed its scissors bite mouth and a great body shape.

Deep blue core, scissors bite mouth and dark red finnages.

A pair of darker based Ruby® Reds.

A closer look at the head/mouth area with red lips & red barbels.

Ready to go on the air plane - bye for now.

Bags of Ruby® Reds pending export.

Once fishes has been inspected by an AVA officer, an offical seal will be pasted on each & every carton box.

All inspected and sealed, ready to go overseas.