A small shipment to Taiwan. 一个小出口到台湾

Dear All,
This has been a very busy week for us. The first smaller shipment has left for Taipei, Taiwan yesterday. Our Taiwanese client has specially flown in to hand picked his fishes, one by one. And the last we had heard from him, all the fishes are now swimming happily in his tanks. With 18 years experience, this is certainly no surprise for us, since we had exported to as far away as Canada in the past. Though the travelling time to Canada is more than 30 hours (and more than 40 hours if waiting time at airports is considered), all fishes still arrived safe and sound.

Thanks for viewing.

Mrs Goh

这是一个非常繁忙的一周。第一个较小的出口昨天已经离开, 发送到台湾台北. 我们的台湾客户特意飞到新加坡,一尾一尾手挑他心爱的鱼. 刚刚听他说,所有的鱼现在已经愉快地在他的鱼缸里面游泳!当然,这对有18年经验的我们是没有惊喜的,因为我们过去曾经出口到遥远的加拿大,飞行时间需要30多个小时 (如果算上在机场等候时间,超过40多小时),所有的鱼还是安全抵达!



Our Taiwanese client hand picking each & every fish.

A 4A Golden Head which our Taiwanese client is considering.

A Sapphire Gold AA+ with high shine, smooth pectorals and scissors bite mouth.

Only selected fishes are brought over the partition.

Empty carton boxes standing by.

Just before packing would begun.

Our staff are all well trained to do the job.

AVA Inspection Officer's car.

All cartons sealed with AVA's security stickers, ready to go!