New Cross Back harvest on 18 July 2001

We would like to share with you all, a fruitful harvest of the Cross Back Goldens at DFI farm. Harvested on an auspicious date, 18 July, we managed to harvest two male brooders, one of which, is our premium GOLDEN HEAD EMERALD XBACK! What an exciting event, must share with you all. Do enjoy!

A sectional view of the soon to be harvested xback gold pond. See the bunch of beautiful water lilies? They will be removed before the harvest to ensure that all brooders are thoroughly checked.

Mr Teo Siang Hong, an AVA officer, was at our farm at 9am sharp for the witness of the successful production of F3 and beyond golden arowanas.

All brooders were cornered into an rectangular area, easy for William to inspect them one by one.

Finally, our DFI's pride 'Golden Head' Xback golden, with its gold colouration developed over the whole fish. Note the two prominent batches of solid gold on its head? Hence, its nickname, 'Golden Head'.

Another view of our 'Golden Head'. Guess what, it was found to be brooding, merely 8 weeks after its last harvest! What a hard working fella, we salute you, Golden Head!

William bending over to try his best to pry open its mouth in a swift motion, otherwise, fries would be hurt during any possible splashing.

Out goes all the fries, William making a double check on its mouth cavity.

A contended smile, under the sorching sun. Golden Head had yielded us only 13 fries (right bag, fries not free swimming) while another Xback had an astounding 37 fries, all free swimming.

A victim of its panicky father. This young fish swam into his father's mouth and was bitten on the head by the brooder, resulting in him dying. There goes a treasured Xback!

Small segment of the 37 xback fries. They are all about 3 inches long, and would be feeding on frozen bloodworms soon.

Golden Head's much sought after, 13 fries, at only 2.5 inches. This batch is unique in a way that though the fries were generally huge, but so are the egg sacs. Hope that they would grow into 'larger' specimens later.