10 Days Mid-Sized Xbacks Promo (4th-13th August, 2013)

Dear All,
It has been sometime since our last promo. Due in part to the forthcoming long weekends, as well as numerous requests from interested parties, we thought we would hold this Mid-Sized Xbacks Promo again. Fishes that are on promo now are all raised in the concrete ponds. They generally have these 5 main characteristics -
1. size are 14-16 inches long,
2. each comes with at least 10-20% gold lines on their heads,
3. they are approximately 2-2.5 years old,
4. all have 80-100% rim crossing on their backs and
5. all also have fine developed pearlies.

All fishes that are on Promo have perfect finnages, scissors bite mouth, great shine and golden lines on head, hence, they are all graded AA++ and priced at only S$1,088 each. Buy 3pcs at one go and you pay only S$1050 each or buy 5pcs or more, at only S$1,000 each! Great quality at an even Greater Price! For 50%-90% Golden Head, prices would vary and will be given upon inquiry.

Hurry, make an appt. with us via PM or email, giving us at least one day's advance notice. There is no minimum order for this Promo, ie you can buy only one fish from us! Being Singapore's biggest Xback producer, you are spoilt for choice at our farm. If you cannot find at least a suitable xback at our farm, chances are that you won't find it elsewhere. Terms is only Cash & Carry (hence, please withdraw cash in advance). Thank you all for your forthcoming support.

Mrs Goh

Even if kept in the same concrete pond, some fishes turn up differently, like this one.

A Sapphire Gold with very broad body and 90% rim crossing! No DFI xbacks are stunted to bring out their best in colour as all of our xbacks are fed twice a day.

Yet another 'fat' Sapphire Gold with 100% rim crossing. Like its purplish core?

A 24K Gold Golden Head with 50% GH on its head and 100% rim crossing. Prices only upon inquiry.

Yet another 24K Gold with broad body, confirming that all our xbacks are indeed very well fed, ie twice a day.

A rarer Emerald Blue xback with perfect finnages and thick gold lines on head.