Yet Another Export to Japan!

Dear All,
Just to share some pictures of our recent exports to Japan. Had been busy the last few days, entertaining our old friends from the Land of the Rising Sun. But, finally, fishes have left our farm today, 28th March, 2013 for Narita, Tokyo, Japan. And soon, we could take things a little easier.

All 50 pcs of exported fishes are pure Xbacks, size range from 7 to 10 inches. The Japanese are well known to be very stringent in their arowana selection - strictly no crossed barbels, no broken and renewed tails, no PLJ or shark mouth - basically, no deformities of any sort. And we are most happy to know that DFI xbacks are able to meet most if not all of their stringent requirements.

Hope you all would enjoy going through these new pictures taken today. And special thanks to our Japanese counterpart for their trust and faith in DFI Xbacks, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.

Mrs Goh

A batch of 24K Gold xbacks, waiting to be tagged.

Yet another batch of 24K Gold Xbacks.

All packed up for conditioning for export ... curious fella with wide open 'arms'.

Carton boxes all getting ready to be filled with polyfoam boxes and fishes.

After the AVA inspection, officers will see that carton boxes are sealed in their presence so that they could paste a sticker on top of the boxes.

Close up view of the AVA sticker.