Interview of DFI by PRATAPAD magazine, Japan

The PRATAPAD arowana specialist magazine launched its first issue in 1993. Since then, it had grown from strength to strength, becoming one of the most popular arowana magazine in Japan.
Usually published quarterly in the past, it had, however, in the past two years, become a six monthly issue due to the recession in Japan. Yamazaki san, the proprietor of the publishing house, had visited almost all arowana farms in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Be it CITES registered or non-CITES farms, he had visited them all, making him a well respected arowana critic and expert in Japan's arowana industry. We , at DFI, wish him every success in his future endeavours. ICHIBAN, Yamazaki san!

A wide range of arowana specialist magazines produced by PRATAPAD over the years.

Special write up on our farm with William in the picture.

The first PRATAPAD magazine published in 1993.

Yamazaki san visited our farm again on 10 June 2001, taking pictures of our top notch xbacks. Pictures and write up of our farm would appear in his October 2001 issue.

Yamazaki san, hard at work! With the latest, most up to date equipment on hand, he makes his round, seeking his 'ideal model' for the shoots.

Paying close attention to his ideal fish, grabbing every opportunity to catch a good pose. Good work, Yamazaki san, cheers!

William posing with Yamazaki san, holding of course, none other than his latest combination issue.

An Emerald Blue xback golden, graded 'AA' by Yamazaki san, was chosen for today's shoot, 14 inches.

The bluish green sheen on the scales is most obvious in this picture, while the fish is making a turn.

An almost full body view of the selected fish. Note the two rows of well defined, shinning little pearls near the dorsal fin? This feature is most treasured by the Japanese for xbacks.

Another slightly younger xback, also selected for the shoot, graded 'AA' too, only 12-13 inches.

Picture of the younger xback. Note the little pearls are not only obvious near the dorsal fins, but also near the tail fin and anal fins, too. Deep greenish blue sheen for this unique fish.

A rare, short body type of Chilli red from P T Istana Arwana, Indonesia. Also affectionately known as 'Prosperity Dragon' or simply 'The King of Arowanas'. This 3 year old had already acheived its full colour development.

Top view of the above short body 'King'. Note the deep red rims had also 'crossed over' the back of the fish. A highly treasured fish indeed. Price upon enquiry for serious buyers only.