2012 Year-End 10 Days Promo (7th-16th Dec, 2012)

Dear All,
As the year is drawing to an end again, we thought we would do some special Promo, different from those we had been doing the past months, ie mainly on smaller fishes. This time round, the special 10 Days Promo is on 14-15 inch fishes, about 2 to 2.5 years old. Fishes were 'harvested' from our outdoor concrete pond this morning, encouraged by the successful 'Ticked All Boxes' Promo a couple of weeks ago.

The fishes were selected based on these standard criterion, and they are now being conditioned in our showroom -
1. must have fine, developed pearlies
2. must have at least 80% Gold Rim crossing on its back
3. must have some gold lines on their heads
4. must have scissors bite mouth
5. must have good shine
6. must have nice base core colour
7. must have good body shape in order to give that 'MAJESTIC' appearance (ie preferably High & Broad body shape rather than the Long and Slim types)
8. lastly, but most importanly, must be EVEN MORE reasonably priced, now only at S$1,288 each retail (ie can PM or email us to make an appt. to buy only one fish, Cash & Carry basis). For exports, please add another 10% for extra work needed to condition the fishes for export.

Stocks are all in our showroom and you may pick any fish you like, be it Sapphire Gold, 24K Gold or Emerald Blue xbacks. All fishes are priced at the same standard rate. But there is one special tank of 5pcs Sapphire Gold on offer at only S$6,000 for all the 5pcs, which are extremely docile and has little or practically no fighting during the past two weeks (see to believe their intact finnages!). Only these 5 Sapphires are from the earlier Promo, the rest being newly transferred fishes.

Here's wishing everyone an early Merry Christmas and may your New Year be an even more Bountiful as well as a, Healthier One!

Mrs Goh

Fishes under anaesthesia but just look at those base core colours - purplish, purplish gold and even, greenish gold.

Also under the influence of medication, just admire the developed rim colours on its back? Most have at least 80% crossing ... therefore, can be kept in whatever tank colour that you like, be it black, blue or clear tanks.

A straight line line up of all fishes with golden lines and good as well as high crossings.

Some Sapphire Golds displaying their bullet heads or spoon heads, as well as the much sought after, purplish base core. .

The special peaceful comm of 5 Sapphire Gold on Promo now, take the whole tank of fishes home for only S$6,000, which one year ago, could easily set you back S$12,500! See their complete and large fins!

A rarer Emerald Blue with slight greenish tinge on their base core, nevertheless, a gorgeous specimen.

A sought after 24K Gold with almost full pearlies and what you would proabably call, a 'Perfect Body Shape'?

Tank loads of 24K Gold, Emerald Blue and Sapphire Gold for your selection - with no more guess work to do. But the Promo will end once stocks dry up, so hurry ...

Another 24K Gold with full pearlies, nice gold tone and great body shape.