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(Design by Chris D) The Tower Filter you see is 19-1/2 inches high. It will be used with a Mag Drive 700 water pump (700 GPH, $55 through Pet Warehouse). By the time the water reaches the tank the flow rate will be approx. 420 GPH. This is how the flow rate is calculated: 700 GPH (at pump output) - 220 GPH (hosing run) - 60 GPH (Cannister)= 420 GPH. The above calculation shown is for the Mag Drive brand pumps only. This Tower Filter can also be used as a passive media holder run off of a Cannister Filter. One can use this filter for Mechanical, Chemical media, Biological media, or any combination you choose. You can also run 2 or more Tower Filters in line for even superior filtration, although a powerful water pump is required. Just use quick disconnects so that you can easily and quickly remove the Tower Modules for servicing. Also you can make the modules almost any height to suit your needs. For large tanks like 180+ gallon tanks, You would use a large water pump and run one smaller module for mechanical and chemical and one larger (like the one I built) for chemical. For the biological filtration you would either run a Rainbow Lifeguard FB300 or a FB600 Fluidized Bed Filter. This would provide the tank with an awesome amount of chemical filtration, thus allowing longer periods between media replacement. Also this type of system will provide really good mechanical and biological filtration. A truelly sweet arowana filtration setup. If one feels more mechanical or chemical filtration is needed, just add another module! The nice thing about this setup is that it is extremely easy to setup and maintain. No bulkhead drilling, just set it up like a cannister filter. In summary, this DIY Passive Flow Thru Tower Filter is not only economical, it is extremely effective when used as part of the main filtration system or for adding on to an existing system. By the way my total cost for the parts to build one Tower Filter is $24. If one was to shop around for the parts you could save a few dollars. I purchased all the parts from Ace Hardware. If you have any questions you can contact me via email:

(This is a Filter design by Chris D).For the mechanical portion of the filter I will be using "Marineland Blue Bonded filter pad". I buy it uncut for $3.49 from Pet Warehouse (But you can use anything similar). I will cut two oversize pieces and use it as the top layer in the filter, this will sit approx. 1" below the inlet. I will also cut another oversize piece and place it on the bottom of the filter chamber, it will sit on top of the grate plate. I will have chemical media (Renew by SeaChem) in nylon bags in between the mechanical filter pads.

This will trap all debris and detris and force all the water to flow through the chemical media before leaving the filter. With the filter setup in this fashion I will have minimum flow loss, will be guaranteed that my tank will have good mechanical and sufficient chemical filtration. By the way, the grate plate will insure that the filter outlet never gets clogged or obstructed.



A green Arowana

This green Arowana is more than 15 years old it is kept by our government agency-PPD

This is a yellow tail about 16 inches long

This is a yellow tail about 16 inches long.

This is a fibreglass tank size is 5 feet by 7 feet by 4 feet . It can hold about 4000 litres of water .

It has a built-in filtration compartment. With this tank , it will force the Arowana to look up constantly for food.

A 2 feet Arapaima gigas , about a year old .It is one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world and can grow to more than 10 feet.

Inside this fibreglass tank, I keep 2 Arapaima ,1 redtail catfish ,one pearl Arowana and one silver Arowana .

This pearl Arowana have a drop eye but was cured when it is put into the fibreglass tank for a month .

This is a 2 feet redtail catfish , it can grow up to 3 feet .