Ticked All Boxes - Part 2

Dear All,
Further to our first posting on 2nd November, these pictures were taken after the fishes had spent their last 9 days in a blue tank. As you can see, their base colour has deepended and gold intensity, stronger than ever. Thus, these fishes have now been conditioned both for export as well as local sales.

Price for a single Sapphire or 24K Gold is only S$1,500 each (formerly costing nearly S$3,000 each), local Singapore Cash & Carry. For exports, add at least 10% to the local pricing due to lots of preparation work needed to further condition them for the long journey overseas.

Do enjoy these new pictures on a lovely and cooling Sunday. Thanks for viewing & support!
Mrs Goh

Just last year in 2011, this comm of 5 mid-sized (2 to 2.5 years old) xbacks would have easily set you back S$15,000 in total (average of S$3,000 or more per fish). Now, they are yours for only S$7,500.

Close up of a thick framed 24K Gold xback - broad body with strong gold tone and gold lines on head.

Slight spoony head Xback with full pearlies and a very high Majestic body.

A very well proportioned xback with scissors bite mouth and smooth pectorals.

A pair of matching Sapphire Gold with deep gold tone and full pearlies.

A smaller Sapphire Gold with deep gold tone and yellow throat.

A lone 24K Gold xback with very high body, smooth pectorals and scissors bite mouth.

Super spoon head Xback with deep base colour, full fine pearlies and gold brush on tail.