Peak September Harvests, 2012

Dear all,
Asian Arowanas spawn throughout the year, but its two peaks are noticeably in April/May and September/October. But for the year 2012, the peak seems to have started earlier ie August/September. Hopefully, harvests would be less frequent from October onwards so we could take a breather.

Sit back, relax, drink a cuppa or two and enjoy these recently taken new pictures. Thank you for reading.

Mrs Goh

A rather cooperative brooder releasing his brood.

Side view of the above 24K Gold brooder, tag 1541, with fine pearlies, bullet head and golden brush on tail.

A brand new Royal Blue brooder, tag 5207, with scissors bite mouth, fine pearlies and nice golden brush on tail.

One inch fries were released into the green netting.

A gorgeous but aggressive Emerald Blue, tag 9010, releasing his fries.

Double checking that his mouth has been cleared of fries ... note the prominent 'tongue', that is why these fishes are also called 'Bonytongue'.

Side profile showing a base with greenish/blue scales, characteristics of an exotic Emerald Blue.

Another side profile had confirmed the brooder's very fine pearlies, scissors bite mouth and golden brush on tail.