Selected Aug 2012 harvest

Hi all,
It has been sometime since we post harvest pictures. Here are some selected harvests, done in the first week of August, 2012. Although most of these were surprise harvests but some were timed harvests (ie observe them during their first days of brooding and start counting down the days to the harvest date). Hope you would sit back, relax and enjoy these painstakenly taken and put together pictures - just for you.

Many thanks for your continuous support of DFI xbacks.

Mrs Goh

A not so productive BMB xback, tag ending 24127.

Side profile of the brooder with nice base colour and full pearlies.

Side profile of a Royal Blue (F4 generation BMB) with bullet head, full pearlies and golden brush tail. Tag ending 6419.

Sapphire Gold brooder, 0546, in action! Admire its thin frame and fully crossed back?

Side profile showing bullet head, full pearlies and golden brush on all 3 back finnages. Note worthty is its very GOLDEN cheecks!

A not so productive Sapphire Gold brooder, tag ending 8931, with fully crossed back.

Side profile showing deep purple based core, scissors bite mouth, full pearlies and golden brush on tail.