Rare Breed!

Hi all,
As mentioned previously, we would still post harvest pictures of exceptionally good brooders. And today, we happen to harvest one such brooder, tag 8651. First broods in the year 2006, he has not been a very productive brooder. However, when he does 'do it', we are indeed overwhelmed! Do enjoy the sequential shots of the harvesting process. Hope you would sit back, relax and enjoy ...

Many thanks for your continuous support of DFI xbacks.

Mrs Goh

Though there are only small amounts of gold on its head, the purplish and fully crossed scales are indeed very prominent.

Out comes the first lot of the fries ...

The next sequential shot showing some real time action!

A scan had confirmed him to be one of our premium Sapphire Gold brooders. Side profile showing deep core base, bullet head, full pearlies and golden brush on tail.

Another closer look on its fully crossed back and golden brush on pectoral fins.

A total of only 19 one inch fries. Expected date of release, December 2012 or January 2013.