Early June, 2012 Harvest

Hi all,
As the year's first peak harvest season, which usually starts in April, has been delayed by almost a month this year, June's harvests are those that spilled over from late May.

These will be our last few harvests update for sometime, unless there are really special brooders which we would like to introduce to everyone. Hence, do enjoy these new pictures.

Once again, thank you for viewing.

Mrs Goh

A rare Rose Gold with bullet head. Rose Golds account for less than 5% of our total Xbacks production. The rest of the 95% are all pure Xbacks.

A scan had confirmed the next brooder to be 8856.

Rarely do we harvests such big 2.5 inch fishes ... A total of 29 fishes.

Side view of the above Emerald Blue brooder, 8856, with full pearlies and a scissors bite mouth.

If harvests were to delay another week or so, most of these fries would be free swimming in the pond ... and most would end up in the stomachs of other adult fishes.

Another Royal Blue brooder, tag 8604, with extremely high body and golden brush on tail.

A Sapphire Gold brooder, tag 9012, with purple core, full pearlies and golden brush at tail.

A total of 32 fries, including one that is not fertilised (see the bottom most one, with a different colour tone).

An offspring of our famed brooder 1555, is this 8940 Pahang Gold. Gold brush appears on all its 3 back fins.

A total of 31 fries from this Pahang Gold.

An attractive Sapphire Gold (tag 6039) with deep purple core, very high body and a sharp pointed mouth.

A total of 20 fries from the above Sapphire Gold, which boasts full pearlies, golden brush at finnages and a very broad body.

A 24K Gold with x-belly in action, tag ending 8700.

A total of 20 fries for this 24K Gold brooder.