Last Day of May Harvest, 2012

Hi all,
This is our 4th featured harvests in May, 2012. A total of 13 brooders had been featured in all, ranging from BMB, Emerald Blue, Royal Blue, Sapphire Gold, Pahang Gold and 24K Gold. And these harvests only represent a small percentage of our total harvests throughout the year. And the only one not yet featured is Rose Gold, which may be harvested next week (do keep a look out).

As most Cross Back brooders retire around 10-12 years old, arowana farmers are hereby strongly urged to increase their broodstock quantities. Otherwise, when older brooders retire, your production levels will surely fall over time if there is no introduction of new brooders. Hurry, best time to do just that now as Cross Back prices have fallen to an all time low. We do give special bulk wholesale rates, do feel free to call or email us.

Lastly, we hereby hope that by featuring so many harvests would help our supporters know better the kind of quality xbacks that DFI is producing. Thank you all for taking time to view these pictures. Really appreciate your kind support of our farm.

Mrs Goh

The very first brooder of the day, a Cross Bellied Sapphire Gold xback.

A very close up view of the harvesting process, just look at those purple based scales and ultra thin frame ... mezmerised?

Perfect shot for that perfect scissors bite mouth and long barbels. Look, ma, no PLJ.

Admire the cross bellied and full pearlies of 5373, a relatively new Sapphire Gold?

The most productive brooder of the day, a total of 35 fries.

A scan showing the brooder to be a rather old one, tag 8128.

The Boss still works from 7am to 7pm, with two to three hours of siesta in the afternoon.

Side view of the above Emerald Blue with bluish-green scales, and golden brush at the finnages.

Another older brooder, BMB, with the most perfect scissors bite mouth.

The action has just begun ...

8180 is the tag number for the above BMB.

Even our cheapest xbacks, a BMB, has golden brush on its 3 back fins, full pearlies and a very golden under jaw.

Being very elusive and not coming for food for 2-3 weeks, we had suspected that he is working again ... imagine our joy when we confirmed that 'YES', he is indeed brooding again!

DFI's pride and joy, 1555, at the ripe old age of 14 years old (first featured on our web in 2002) is working again after a hiatus of many months. So glad that AVA's Mr Jerome Ng is here today to share our joy - thanks for coming, Jerome.

While most of our older brooders had stopped work at around 10-12 years old, this Pahang Gold is still working. So one of the main reasons why DFI is the most productive Arowana farm in Singapore is this - we set aside a few hundred fishes each year, destined them to be our future brooders. In this way, we are not worried that older brooders retire on us ... So, Arowana farmers, do contact DFI for that special bulk rates!

Shot had confirmed a Bullet head and scissors bite mouth for our 1555 Pahang Gold.

A total of 33 x 1.5 inch fries. Expected date of sales, November 2012, about 5-6 months from today (31st May, 2012).