DFI captive bred Bukit Merah Blue Cross backs and standard Cross Backs for sales at Amazon Pet.

All these quality Cross backs will come with our very own Certificate of Authenticity. Pictures were taken under natural sunlight. All finnages are perfect, barbels straight, eyes deep red and gill cover partially gold! Interested party, please contact:
Amazon Pet & Aquarium
Blk 11 Jalan Bukit Merah
#01-4452 Singapore 150011
AVA Dragonfish retail licence No: DFR040

Tag Number: 702088880006539
A superb quality Bukit Merah Blue with metallic blue colouration at 50% of its 5th row scales. At merely 7 inches, its gill plate is almost full gold. The same could be same of the gold patch behind its eyes. The 3 back fins are extremely large, too. Value for Money Buy! Selling S$2,388.

Tag Number: 702088880006544
Another 7 inch 'sibling' of the above fish. Colouration has already developed on the 5th level. Golden gill cover and golden patch behind eyes, too. But this fish has a longer and broader body, which makes it even more attractive. Scales are also very neatly arranged, a feast to anyone's eyes indeed! Must Buy! Selling S$2,388.

Tag Number: 702088880006645
DFI's standard, young xback at merely 6 inches. Though still a 'baby', note its almost full golden gill plate. Whatsmore, colouration has developed at about 30-40% of its 5th level scales. At this point, this fish seems to be more inclined to blue based but we cannot commit ourselves yet. Anyway, for such a price, it is 'early bird that catches the worm'! Great Buy! Selling S$1,588.

Tag Number: 702088880006646
Another sibling of the above fish. At 6.5 inches, this fish has a nicer body shape with colour obvious on the 5th level already. Gill plate is partially gold with what it seems as a gold based xback, though we cannot confirm at this early stage. For this kind of pricing, it will soon be gone from the tanks! Smart Buy! Selling S$1,588.