F6 & Beyond Brooders

Hi all,
Recently, we have the opportunity to take pictures of a few harvests, some of which are surprises to us as well as some brooders are quite young. Nevertheless, do enjoy these new pictures that we have put together for your enjoyment.

Thank you all for reading and viewing.

Mrs Goh

Top view of a Sapphire Gold brooder when the harvest is about to begin.

Side profile of the above brooder, note its purplish core as well as yellow bottom.

Tag number of this brooder, 2828336034.

Yet another young Sapphire Gold brooder, showing its aggressive side as well as a golden face.

Full and fine pearlies for this Sapphire Gold. Note too, the golden brushes at its tail portion.

New microchip number, 2828336039 for this relatively new Sapphire brooder.

A scanner shows the tag number of the Emerald Blue below, ending 9010.

Very close up shot of the harvest process.

Side view of the Emerald Blue xback with an intense bluish-green base, pretty rare in our farm. Pearlies are fine and lower jaw area is all golden.