DFI 10 Days Special Promo for Local Market only

Hi all,
Just to share some haphazardly taken pictures this morning. Hope you all would enjoy browsing these pictures.

Thank you all for viewing.

Mrs Goh

A batch of BMBs with golden lines on their heads! First come first served, only S$495 x 5pcs minimum. Perfect finnages! The rest of the BMB batches may have slightly more pearlies than this batch, but all are without golden lines. So, take your pick.

Another batch of BMBs kept in a black tank, with gold dots only. But they have slightly more pearlies, though. Also priced the same at S$495 x 5pcs minimum.

Side view of the above BMB kept in a black tank. Some of these have very obvious spoon heads, some do not have spoon heads like in the picture above. Difference with a Sapphire Gold are - Sapphires have a deeper blue/purplish base, more pearlies and more spoon heads. Price is only S$100 higher for a Sapphire - worth it for the higher quality IMHO.

Comparison between a purplish Sapphire Gold AAA (top fish) and a golden based, 24K Gold AAA+ (bottom fish). Which do you prefer? Both are priced the same, S$1700 each, minimum 3pcs. But do remember to add S$300 more for the AAA+ Yellow bottom.

Side view of the above 24K AAA+ Golden Head. This fish has a spoon head, and yellow bottom. Thus, together with the earlier posted pics of a Bullet head yellow bottom, special price at S$2,000 each.

Yellow bottom view of the above 24K Gold AAA+ Golden Head, 1pc only. The other Bullet head type was posted a few weeks ago on our website, do check it out! Both are S$2,000 each. Very rare indeed.

The contrast between a normal bottom and a yellow bottom fish are very obvious in this picture, isn't it?

A sample of the AAA 24K Golden Heads available for sales, only S$1700 x 3pcs minimum. Both spoon heads and not-so-spoon are available.