Year of The Dragon 2012

Hi all,
On this 8th day of the Lunar New Year, we had found some time to take these brand new pictures. Do enjoy viewing these new beauties that we had put toghether for you. Once again, a Very Prosperous & Healthy Chinese New Year to one and all.

And a thousand thanks go to those of you who had visited our farm during this New Year period and supported us in our Bulk Order Sales. Cheers!

Mrs Goh

Young 5 inch fishes from one of our old time Sapphire brooder, 8653. Slight golden specks are beginning to appear on this batch's heads. Pictures of the famed brooder will also be printed behind their respective Certificates.

8653 fries with longer and not so broad bodies. Pearlies below the dorsal fin are not very obvious in this picture but those above the anal fins are. (no drop eye syndrome)

A pair of Rose Golds with full colour on their back and some Golden specks on their heads - on offer now at S$800 each, but most with crossed barbels (see the one on the bottom).

Almost full pearlies for this batch of 16pcs of Rose Golds on offer at S$800 each, 7-8 inches, minimum purchase of 5pcs. The whole batch also comes with very good shine and bullet heads (no spoon heads, sorry).

The balance 3pcs of the AAAA Golden Heads, wishing one and all, a Prosperous Lunar New Year!

Also almost full pearlies and well defined golden rims for these AAAA Golden Heads (price only upon enquiry, 5pcs available)

Side profile of our AAAA Golden Head Xbacks, super spoon head, ultra high bodies and a perfect scissors bite. (Note - drop eye due to anaesthetic, actual fish has NO drop eye syndrome)