Bumper Harvest, 2011

Hi all,
Thanks to more conducive weather, DFI has had a bumper harvest this year. A normal year would have about two or three peak breeding seasons, but not this year, as breeding had occurred almost throughout the year. We are quite certain that other arowana farms are also enjoying this year's bumper harvests. Thus, all forms of wholesale enquiries are welcomed.

Last but not least, enjoy these pictures we had put together for you all to browse. Thank you :)


A blue based brooder with its barbels gone! But note its full pearlies.

A 24K Gold Xback Gold with a smaller brood.

Out come the first few fries.

An usual scan to identify the brooder.

Yet another Purple based brooder being forced to open its mouth.

Side profile of the above Sapphire Gold brooder.

A relatively new Pahang Gold brooder.

Oops, its not done yet ....

Only a good brooder would hold fries till this big - about 1.5 inches.

The Boss is still at work!

Do you like this new brooder's tag number?

Young Sapphire Gold at 5 inches, ready to be exported. Colour is already on 5th level.

Eggs with fries that have yet to break out from its sac.

Another batch with 1 inch fries.

Yet another batch with fries that are less than 0.5 inch long.

Lying flat on the tank's floor, about 1 inch long.

This is a bigger batch with fishes that are almost 2 inch long.

A rather curious and naughty batch.

Finally, eggs are absorbed and fishes swimming freely.

Have started to eat frozen blood worms.

Some 4 inch fishes.

Sapphire Golds with spoon heads, about 8-9 inches long.