1EEO broods again after a lapse of just 23 days!

Hi all,
When other brooders of his age of around 16 years old has long 'retired', this great and renowned brooder of DFI is still hard at work - much to our amazement and surprise! What was even more shocking was that, in this peak breeding season, he breeds consecutively on 15th September 2010 as well as on 08th October 2010 - a lapse of just 23 days. The following are photos taken on 08th October, 2010.
Mrs Goh

Trying to calm him while feeling his brooding pouch.

Once calmed, William then proceed to carefully prying open his lower jaw.

Out come the first batch of fries.

Fries were around 1 inch long at the time of harvest.

Another sequential shot.

A disappointing brood of merely 12 fries while we had harvested 32 fries during his earlier harvest on 15th September, 2010.