Ruby Chilli Red For Local and Overseas Sales

Due to the overwhelming response from the previous sale, some of you were left disappointed when your favourite fish had already been booked by someone else. Hence, we 'sacrificed' some of the quality Ruby, meant for our breeding programme, just for you. Hopefully this time, those who were left out the first time will be able to pick your choice fish. Pictures were taken under natural sunlight. All finnages are perfect, barbels straight and red, eyes deep red and gill cover partially Orange Red! All these features at an unbelievable 10 inches only! For local sales, contact your nearest pet shop and quote the tag number. For oversea sales, price will be slightly higher due to agent's commission and risk of air travel. Please e-mail us at

Tag Number: 0A00026557
A too good to be true Ruby Chilli with the most perfect body shape - long and broad, large and red finnages, deep blue scales with orange rim at majority of the scales. Very obvious spoon head too. Superb Buy! Selling S$3,588.


Tag Number: 0A00033273
An extraordinary Ruby Chilli with orange rimed scales 'climbing' to the 5th level, deep red fins and strong development on its gill plate. Best Buy! Selling S$3,588.


In fact, all the 3 fishes had orange red rimmed scales on its back too. A much sought after feature for high end Ruby Reds.

Tag Number: 0A00025462
A good Ruby red with orange rimmed scales going up to the 5th level. Colour is developing fast for this slighter smaller fish. Very good potential indeed. Selling S$3,488.

Available for viewing at Joy Access. Tel:7555188