2 Years Old Xbacks for Sale

Currently, our farm has a total of 163 XBs that are 2 years or older, for sale.
Size is about 15-16 inches, fishes are thin and not overly fat.
Strong base color with pearls.
Price upon enquiry.
Malaysian CITES/non CITES farm, brokers,investers are all welcome to buy these quality xbacks for breeding purposes.
For exports to Malaysia, we guarantee 100% live arrival at KL Airport.
Email: sales@dragonfish.com with phone contact number for further details.

Just moments after they were tagged and brought up from the mud ponds.

Most of these batches have prominent spoon heads and pearlies.

One of our favourites, the fish on the right with a very spooney head.

Strong base colour (especially when these are fresh from the outdoor ponds) and some with golden lines on their heads.

Upon arrival at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia.

Carton boxes ready to be trucked out by the freight agent. More shipments will be going up north to Malaysia in the next few weeks.