Harvest of 3 Rose Golds

The Rose Gold, a hybrid between our Xback Goldens and Chilli Reds, either do not produce at all, or they spawn and brood together. Today, 15th April 2009, we had successfully harvested 3 such brooders. Total fries harvested, 93 pcs. Enjoy the pictures we had put together for you all.

Our first brooder of the day. He was one aggressive brooder, hence, we could not capture the fries being released.

A close up side profile of the first brooder. Note the fully developed pearls and broad body of this brooder, tag ending 8904.

A total of 33 fries, not too bad for this brooder.

A scan had confirmed the tag number of this second brooder. The scanner is then passed onto an AVA officer, Mr Jiang, for recording purposes.

Our very first attempt at releasing this brooder's fries.

Out come more fries from this fully crossed, young brooder. Note the full gold gill covers from this view?

The final release of the bulk of 40 fries ...

A snap of the side view of this quality brooder. Note its unique purple core and full pearlies?

A whopping 40 fries from tag 8957. The last brooder, tag number 8885, produced only 20 fries (sorry, no pictures due to heavy rain).