Unique batches of Spoon Head Sapphires

Very much sought after, especially by those who are in the "know" - we currently have two batches of unique Spoon Head Sapphire Gold Xbacks for sale. Totalling less than 60 fishes for the two batches, do take advantage of this unique opportunity to own a bold looking Sapphire Gold Xback with great body mass.

Fishes are all graded AA++ and will be on sale at C328 in Singapore (tel 67778468) from 1pm on 16 February 2009. Offer only good whilst stocks last. For bulk buys of 10 fishes or more, please contact our farm at sales@dragonfish.com.

Though the good majority of these two batches are 7-8 inches long, this particular fish is only about 6-7 inch, the smallest of the two batches. But just look at that shine!

An obviously bigger sibling of the above fish, showing a high and broad body - desirable characteristics of Sapphire Gold Xbacks.

A group picture that shows the spoon head feature more prominently. All the fishes come with the usual high and broad bodies that make our Sapphire Golds so bold and brave looking.

A handful of these batches of Sapphires also come with some golden lines on their foreheads - but fishes will not be marketed as Golden Heads. So if you are after this special feature, do hurry down to C328 at Blk 328, Clementi Ave 2 #01-210, Singapore, soon.

A closer up shot of the shine and spoon head features.

Mouths are all tightly closed and sharp pointed, fins are perfect for these batches.

A single fish posing to show off its well defined little pearls.

Yet another single fish stays still for a fine post.

Top view of the current batch of Spoon Head Sapphires - these exact SAME FISHES will be at C328 on 16 February 2009.

The second and last top shot of the fishes with golden lines on their foreheads.