DFI captive bred EMERALD BLUE Cross backs and Bukit Merah Blue Cross backs with Special Golden Tag Numbers for good luck. Singapore local sales only.

All these quality Cross backs will come with our very own Certificate of Authenticity. Pictures were taken under natural sunlight. All finnages are perfect, barbels straight, eyes deep red and gill cover partially gold! Interested party, please contact:
Joy Access Trading
Blk 415 Yishun Ave 11
#01-317 Singapore 760415
AVA Dragonfish retail licence No: DFR036

Tag Number: 702088880006188
A top notch Emerald Blue with very deep bluish green sheen among neatly arranged scales, 7 inches. Colouration is already on the whole of the 5th level! Note the strong, deep golden strips on its head, too. Best Buy! Selling S$2,588.


Tag Number: 702088880006288
Superb Emerald Blue with unbelievable bluish green sheen, 7 inches. Colouration is half way through the 5th row scales but there are more gold on its gill cover than the previous fish. Spoon head due to over eating. Great body shape. Selling S$2,588.


Tag Number: 702088880006618
An extraordinary Emerald Blue with strong colouration, 7 inches. Colouration is half way through the 5th row scales, nice gold on gill cover too. See the nice slope from it's back to head? Selling S$2,588.

Tag Number: 702088880006668
The bluest of all Bukit Merah Blue! Metallic blue sheen coupled with nice small scale formation near its tail fin makes this a superb buy! Colouration on the 5th level and on the gill plate has already started to appear on this 6 inch young fish. Not to be missed! Selling S$2,288.

Tag Number: 702088880006666
A young Bukit Merah Blue with metallic blue sheen among nice gold development on its gill cover. Colouration has already begun on the 5th level for this 6 inch fish. Good buy! Selling S$2,288.


Tag Number: 702088880006669
Great body shape with neatly arranged blue sheen scales are the two factors that make this 6 inch Bukit Merah Blue a MUST buy. Moreover, colouration is already half way through the 5th row scales plus golden gill plate for such a juvenile fish. Selling S$2,288.

Mr Ng, owner of Joy Access Trading (left) stand besides William for a nice pix. (Behind them is an empty pond of which 29 young Chilli reds were harvested from on 29 January. After each harvest, parents were shifted to another pond so that the old one can be washed clean).

The new pond where the Chilli red brooders were shifted to. New water is still being added to fill up the pond.

Both Mr Ng and William are standing on the 300 metre concrete pavement that link all the 28 mud ponds.

Behind them is the blue roofed Quarantine Building of the farm where newly harvested fries were kept and raised to export size. Note the 9 Ketapam trees on the hill top?