Rose Gold Harvests & Sales

Pond shot of some adult Rose Golds on 19 September 2008. The biggest fish on the left is the male brooder while the smaller sized females are right behind him.

One of the older and bigger sized Rose Gold brooder.

Take a closer look at his fully developed pearls and deeper purplish base colour.

Top shot of the brooder's back ...very wide and thick body, almost like a Red arowana.

A younger Rose Gold brooder producing 2 inch fries.

26pcs of good sized fry from this brooder.

Yet another young Rose Gold brooder with deeper golden hue and well developed pearls. Look at his very obvious brooding pouch!

A total of 38pcs one inch fries from a Rose Gold brooder today, bringing today's catch to 94pcs of Rose Golds.

After awaiting for past 5-6 months, a new batch of Rose Gold is finally ready for sale. Top view of a 5 inches new batch.

Strong shine, good body shape and perfect finnages are the trademarks of this new batch of Rose Golds.

Very well defined scale formations with obvious little pearls.