Quality Sapphire Golds for Sale

The top view of a batch of Sapphire Golds, showing some good crossing and gold dots on head. All fishes on sale are currently 6-8 inches in total length. Hobbyists who intend to comm 10 or more fishes may email us for the best pricing! Both Gold Heads and non-GH are available. Email DFI at sales@dragonfish.com

Strong shine coupled with high gold intensity are the main selling points of these Sapphire Golds.

Plus, high and wide body with sharp pointed mouth. (Same fishes as above picture)

All come with perfect pectoral fins and 3 back finnages.

Whatsmore, little pearls can be seen below the dorsal fin area.

Oops, of course, this little cutie is NOT FOR SALE - just for sharing.