DFI captive bred EMERALD BLUE Cross backs for Singapore local sales only (for overseas, there will be a % markup due to risk of air shipment and agent's commission).

All these quality Cross backs will come with an AVA Certificate as well as our very own Certificate of Authenticity. Pictures are taken under natural sunlight. All finnages are perfect, barbels straight, eyes deep red. Interested party, please email us. Thank you.

Tag Number: 702088880000541
A young Emerald Blue with very deep bluish green sheen among neatly arranged scales, 8 inches. Colouration is half way through the 5th row scales. Selling S$2,800.

(Sold to Dragon Aquarium)

Tag Number: 702088880000196
An exceptional Emerald Blue with colouration up the whole 5th row scales. Gill plate and throat area is very gold in appearance, 9 inches. High body with nice finnage. Selling S$3,500.

(Sold to Mr KS Tang on 2 Nov 2000)

Tag Number: 702088880000181
Ultra thin frame scales with colouration up to the whole of 5th row scales is this superb Emerald Blue, 10 inches. Selling S$3,500.

(Sold to Mr Dunstan on 5 Jan 2001)

Tag Number: 702088880000517
This eye catching Emerald Blue says it all! Metallic sheen on all bluish green scales coupled with a high body shape, 10 inches. Selling S$3,500.
Sold to: Mr Steven Lee
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