New updates on BBB scheme fishes - Part 2

Dear All,
We are hereby doing a second update on another two batches of Sapphire Gold Xbacks, ready for release into the market anytime. Due to the many featured batches from different brooders, please mention the brooder's tag number when placing orders. For bulk orders of 10 fishes or more, wholesale prices will be offered.

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A small batch of fishes from our Sapphire Gold brooder, tag ending 1545. Note its long and balanced body shape, obvious Spoon Head and prominent little pearls.

Love it's Spoony Head and perfect scissors bite? Fishes were harvested on 22 Feb 2007.

Littles pearls are already partially developed for this batch of 8-9 inches fish.

Yet another batch of Sapphire Gold Xbacks from popular brooder, tag ending 0560. This brooder can easily count as one of DFI's older Xback producers ...

Selling points of this particular batch - Very high shine & Well developed pearls.

Almost fully developed pearls for a batch of mere 6 inches. See to believe ... Fishes were harvested on 08 May 2007.