2007 X'mas Sales

Dear All,
The Season of Greetings is here again. It has been quite a while since we had a Sales Promotion. Thus, would like to take this special opportunity to launch one. Do browse thru these new pictures taken today and see if any catches your eye? Please get in touch with our Singapore retailers (C328, Aro Pacific and That Aquarium) or our Overseas agents. Thank you for visiting our website.

Here's wishing one and all, a Very Merry X'mas & A Happy 2008!

Special Quality Pahang Gold Golden Head, AAAA.

Special Quality Sapphire Gold Golden Head, AAAA.

Rose Golds with some golden lines, AA+. Special clearance price, only for limited pcs. Same batch of Rose Gold, AA without the golden lines, will be at C328 on 1 Dec 2007.

A promising batch of Golden Head Sapphire Golds, from renowned brooder 8633. Fishes are merely 6 inches now.

One of the most promising 8633 Golden Head Sapphire Xback.

Adult Cross Back Goldens of 3 years of age are also available. All are full with little pearls, coupled with high gold intensity and high body built.

How about this pose?

How is the crossing on my back?

Why are you guys staring at me?

Just fresh from the mud ponds ...

Probably the smallest fish of the lot.

A medium sized fish.

The centre of attraction!

Pairing in the tank?

Probably siblings ...