Sapphire Golden Xbacks for Singapore Market

Dear All,
Here are two recent harvests of our Golden Head Sapphire Goldens. One, with tag number ending 8653, is a first time brooder harvested on 24 August 2007. The other, tag ending 8651, is harvested today, 28 August 2007.

The fries of these two batches will be reserved exclusively for the Singapore market. Hope that the Singaporean hobbyists and investors who are after high end xbacks would lend their support to these two batches, to be released sometime in December 2007 or January 2008.

Have a good time viewing these new pictures.

Surprising catch on 24 August 2007 as this is a new brooder.

Isn't he cute in this pose? See the bulge ...

One inch fries were released after some struggles. A total of 27 pcs for today.

Sharp pointed mouth with scissors bite, coupled with full pearls.

A rather regular brooder, but still we had to confirm his identity.

The first attempt at prying open his mouth. Also, a close up shot of his golden head features.

Very small fries, measuring a mere 1cm, were being released.

A whopping 32 fries for this regular brooder.