New Arrivals at Aro Pacific Aquarium

Dear All,
Here is the latest update on new arrivals at Aro Pacific, No. 50 Yio Chu Kang Road, tel 62889505. Though there are many to choose from, be there early to grab the very best of the lot! Happy Aro Shopping.

Offspring of our famous brooder, 1EE0. Little pearls had already been formed below the dorsal fin area.

Broad body, long pectoral fins and sharp pointed mouth are the traits of the 1EE0 batch. Last but not the least, very high intensity shine.

Top view of the 1EE0 batch, all with some golden lines on their head. Export quality grade, AAA+.

Rose Gold Xback with some golden head features.

Yet another top view of the Golden Head Rose Gold Xback.

A young batch of Pahang Gold Xbacks, from renowned brooder, 8635.