More photos for Singaporean Hobbyists Comm offer

Specially for Singaporean Hobbyists - Grab your Xback/Red Comm Tank (Minimum 10 fishes only!) before the next GST Increase!

Dear All,
We have taken more pictures for the fishes on offer. These photographed fishes are the ACTUAL FISHES ON SALE, they are not sample fishes. Due to the warm response we had received by far, we would encourage hobbyists who are keen in a Xback/Red comm to contact us for an appointment soon. Fishes are on a first come first serve basis.

Prices quoted are based on a minimum of 10 fishes, before 5% GST. For quantities of 20 or more fishes, special discounts will be given. Kindly call or email us for a more detailed quote.

DFI captive bred Pahang Gold, offspring of 1555 - our renowned brooder. Note the full pearls, gold brush on tail/finnages and strong gold intensity of this young 13 inch fish.

Young Pahang Gold on offer, offsprings of 1555 brooder. Pearls are very evident for this 7 inch fish.

Golden Head Pahang Gold on offer, offsprings of 1555 brooder. Pearls are almost full, high body, with some gold lines on head region.

Close to 50pcs of young adult Xbacks for sale, from S$2,500 each + GST (BMB/Emerald Blue) to S$3,000 each + GST (Sapphire Gold). Sizes range from 14-16 inches, age about two and a half years old. Fishes are currently in outdoor mud pond. Minimum order, also 10 fishes. Please give us at least 3 days' advance notice.

DFI captive bred Sapphire Gold Xbacks. Most come with spoon heads, evident little pearls, high body and strong intensity. Many pcs to choose from, 6-8 inches.

A very typical Sapphire Gold Xback, our trademarked higher-end Xback.

DFI captive bred BMB Xback, many available. Size from 6-8 inches.

DFI captive bred Emerald Blue Xback, many available. Size from 6-8 inches.

DFI captive bred Rose Gold Xback, less than 50 pcs are available. Size from 6-7 inches.

Interested parties, kindly call us (9am-6pm) or email us at for an appointment date and time. Offer only good whilst stock lasts.

May we have your understanding on the following matters -
1. that on any appointments, only a maximum of two guests are allowed.
2. fishes will be placed in tanks containing 10 fishes each, and you will pinpont to us 'which tank' attracts you the most, ie selection is by tank load.
3. payment is made on the day of selection, by cash only (sorry, no credit card facility at our farm, no company/personal cheques either)
4. fishes once sold, are not returnable or exchangeable (since these are live stocks).

Thank you all for your kind understanding.

Best Regards.