Yes indeed. Welcome to the one in a million 'House of Platinum Cross Backs'. These rare and extremely precious Cross backs are the 'in thing' in Japan right now. Though out of reach to most people, it is a highly sought after 'collector's item'. Cross back 'connoiseurs' will appreciate it's metallic sheen and extremely high back. See for yourself! Enjoy!

One of the three Platinum head Cross back. Note the metallic sheen and , nice barbels and white fins. Scales are all metallic white in colour, coupled with colour development over it's 6th row, that is, literally crosses the back!

The second Platinum head Cross back. Note the 'flower design' on it's head! An extremely gorgeous and beautiful fish! Nice body shape coupled with colouration up to the 6th row scales,10 inches.

The third Platinum head Cross back. This fish has the nicest platinum colour on it's head region. Note the metallic scales and large finnage. Absolutely fabulous!!!

Another quality fish that has colouration up to it's 6th row scales! Long and wide body, coupled with neatly arranged scales are the selling points of this fish.

A Platinum Cross back with colouration up it's 6 th row scales. Attention is to be given to it's deep metallic sheen on its scales and head region. A balanced body-fin proportion is also a strong selling point for this exclusive fish.

An exceptional quality Bukit Merah Blue that has metallic deep blue sheen. Colouration also up to the 6th row scales.

A young Bukit Merah Blue at 5.5 inches. Colouration is already on the edges of the 6th row scales, a rare incident for such a yough fish! Deep blue metallic sheen for all scales, nice head and deep red eyes.

Another rare Bukit Merah Blue. Note the deep red eyes and golden sheen on it's gill cover. The body has deep metallic blue as it's base colour and scales are neatly arranged too. The colouration has already crosses over the back, literally.

The last Bukit Merah Blue that has deep metallic blue colouration. The fish also has dark red eyes and colouration that crosses it's back.

Another Platinum Cross back. Metallic white scales coupled with very outstanding body shape are what this fish has to offer.

The last Platinum Cross back. Very reflective scales with metallic sheen. Colouration is up to the 6th row as well.