2006 - Year of Bumper Harvests

Special Bulk Offer to Singapore Arowana Farm Owners, Private Investors and Fish Brokers.

Dear All,
In the year 2006, our farm had produced more than expected Cross back goldens and Chilli Reds. Other than exporting to key arowana markets in Asia, the local Singapore arowana market is also one of our major market. Of late, there had been a surge of new arowana farms in Singapore. Hence, we would like to offer to these new arowana farm owners, private investors and fish brokers alike, special bulk offer prices for our captive bred Cross Back Goldens and Chilli Reds.

Fishes available for this offer are all between 5 inches to 8 inches. Prices would depend on these factors -
1. fish quality (normal quality, Sapphire deep base quality, Golden Heads, and renowned brooders under our BBB scheme, eg 1555, 1EE0 etc)
2. fish quantity (minimum 20 fishes per order with even better pricing for 50pcs and above)

Sapphire Gold Xbacks - deeper colour base, higher gold intensity, spoon head, broad body and evident little pearls.

Normal quality Xbacks with 5th level fully developed. Price from S$750 and above, before 5% GST.

Chilli reds with spoon heads, deep blue base and diamond shaped tails. Price from S$650 and above, before 5% GST.

Interested parties, kindly call us (9am-6pm daily) or email us at sales@dragonfish.com. Offer only good whilst stock lasts.

Here's wishing one and all, a Happy, Bountiful & Prosperous 2007.

Best Regards.