The Millennium Dragon


The moment is finally here, we are launching our second book now! The unexpected success of our first book, THE ASIAN AROWANA, has prompted us to start preparing for this second book right away. Based on the countless feedback that we have received, we went on to snap more and better pictures. But in terms of objective and purpose, this second book is almost similar to that of the first one. That is, to promote and create more awareness of this awesome fish to hobbyists from all around the world.
Topics covered include - Species introduction, Pond breeding, Tank breeding, Fry harvest, Fry development, Community tank, Fortune fish, Feng Shui and Oddball pictures. The most interesting topics, are of course, topics with regards to breeding in the pond and breeding in glass tank. Hence, the Arowana breeders' deepest secrets are revealed here, NEVER before! Next, Feng Shui, the Chinese art of geomancy is also discussed in brief here. Last but not the least, those awesome and super sharp pictures throughout the whole book! Professionally taken, guaranteed! ALL pictures are in full colour, some even in A4 size!
Well, have a good time exploring the 'KING' of the Freshwater Aquarium!

Only S$ 55 !!! (exclude postage and handling charge)

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Yes, its that simple. We will do the rest! Your book will be sent out by 2nd class airmail (rates will be given if you inform us of your country of residence) with registration (S$3). We will email you the postage charges accordingly .Handling charge is only S$5. Besides credit cards we also accept bank draft payable to Dragon Fish Industry . Thank you.

This book weighs 800gm with envelope and it is A4 size with hard cover. The postage to USA/Canada by airmail is S$20.00 , S$3 for registered mail and handling S$5 .Total cost to USA/Canada is S$83 . The postage to South East Asia countries by airmail is S$14.00 , S$3 for registered mail and handling S$5 .Total cost to South East Asia countries is S$76.

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Available at all local Times The Bookstore and the following Singapore bookstores:
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Hausmann Marketing Aquarium
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Arowana Aquarium Specialist Centre
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Fax:603-77854730 ,
Business hours are: Tue - Sat : 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sun : 10:00 am to 4:30 pm , Mon : Closed

King's Discus
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Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am-7pm

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ABC Tropical Fish
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Texas, USA

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