Arowana Fry

The young fry is now about 4 months old and measures 15 cm (6 inch) long! Next month, they will be tagged with a microchip each.
Look, I was being bullied and bitten near my back! Fortunately, acriflavine and salt helps me to heal faster. Hope that the tagging will not be too painful next month!
See, that's me and all my siblings. Though we are comfortable with each other most of the times but will still fight for food once feeding time is here. Heard that they are reducing from 5 to 4 feedings per day soon, why so stingy?
The young fry is now about 3 months old and measures 12 cm (4.5 inch) long!
Look, they are chasing after artemia (brine shrimp) during their lunch. They are fed both artemia and frozen blood worm, six times a day!
Notice that the body has a sheen of yellow and green already. And the tail starts to show the fine brown lines.
Note that the water is a little yellowish. This is due to our home made black water extract being added.
The young fry is now about 2 months old. They are all free swimming , notice that the egg sacs have disappeared .
They are about 3 inches long . And they eat alot !
In fact, they eat five times a day! And they had even started to fight.
The young fry is now about 2 weeks after harvest. They are learning to swim now, saying 'Want to play with me?' to their siblings.
A kindergarten of young fries grouping together for company and warmth.
'See, I can swim quite well!'
Notice that their egg sac is now much smaller compared to two weeks ago.
These are now about two inches long, growing half an inch per week.
The egg sac is expected to disappear in about 2 weeks time. Till then, they will be free swimming and start to consume frozen bloodworms.
A total of 60 fry.

Harvesting the Asian Arowanas on the 15 Aug 98. Here am I, William with my brother-in-law, Simon. It takes about 5 persons and an hour to harvest a pond.
A total of 60 fries from a single Male Arowana !
A Dragon Fish Industry record !
The proud father of the 60 fry !
Another picture of the fries,aren't they lovely ? At this stage, they are only one inch long. They are about a month old as at 15 Aug 98
Guess what type the father is ? Is it a red tail golden or a over back golden?
Well, it is a first grade or high back redtail golden (note the gold colour is up to the fifth level), about 4 years old. Probably, in about 12-18 months, the gold colour will cross over its back .

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