DFI-Aro Pacific Aquarium 2006 Showcase Competition

Dear All,
Firstly, we would like to thank Mr Alvin Koh & Mr John (jwhtan) of the ever-popular Arofanatics.com for making this event possible and a total success. Next, our special thanks to our partners, Mr Simon Ong & Mr Jonathan Lim of Aro Pacific Aquarium for rendering their kind assistance in making this event a smooth one. Last but not the least, our greatest gratitude goes to all our DFI supporters who had supported our farm since 1995. Without these supporters, we know very well we wouldn't be here today.

Since this is more of a Photography contest, our judgement has to be based mainly on the photo's picture quality. Next, then come the quality of the fish being taken. Since there are only 3 prizes for this year's contest, we have no choice but to pick the very best pictures as winners. To those who do not win this year's contest, do not fret. Due to the overhelming response this year, we would like to make this an annual affair, if possible. And there might be more categories and more prizes next year. Hence, keep those cameras clicking ....

Lastly, our Heartfelt Congratulations goes out to the below winners. Please write us an email, consenting our farm the exclusive right to use your pictures for DFI's future advertising campaign. Next, kindly save the pictures in a CD and submit it to Aro Pacific Aquarium while claiming your prize (Cross Back Grade AA for the First Prize and Banjar Red for the Third Prize). As for the Second Prize, NaSurin our Thailand supporter, we would remit cash equivalent to the price of an RTG to him after the receipt of his CD.

Here is the link to the competition: http://www.arofanatics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=253569

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to our supporters whom had participated in this Contest. Best regards!

First Prize: Aromatix
Certificate No:
Tag No : 132253194A
Type : Chilli Red

Second Prize: NaSurin
Certificate No: 205278
Tag No : 137623443A
Type : Golden Head Sapphire Gold Cross Back Golden AA+ grade

Third Prize: Dreamforest
Certificate No: 202323
Tag No : 133579356A
Type : 24K Gold Cross Back Golden